Why Choose Assumption

▪ Academic Excellence – High Ranking (#1 in Powell River) Fraser Institute School Rankings

The School strives to ensure that all of its students are very well grounded academically. Staff foster academic development by both building the skills laid out in the curriculum and by developing critical thinking, communication, and personal and social abilities.

▪ Smaller Class Sizes

Assumption classes are generally small in size allowing the children to have great positive relationships with the teachers. The school also has a Middle School that continues to offer the smaller class sizes to students in Grade 7, 8 and 9, which allows them to develop their maturity earlier before they make the transition to High School.

▪ Independent School

As an independent school we have the freedom to incorporate additional elements into our learning environment, such as our additional focus to foster positive spiritual development in our students!

We need all the support we can get because, as an independent school we receive only a fraction of the funding a public school would receive and as such rely on tuition, fundraising and our greater community of volunteers to help keep the ball rolling!

This required support creates many opportunities for community involvement and many opportunities for parents to take a hands on approach with their child’s schooling while helping their classes and helping their school!

▪ BC Provincial Core Curriculum

We follow the BC Provincial Core Curriculum and all of our teachers are fully certified!

▪ Spiritual Growth encouraged through Catholic Faith

Assumption School is a faith community that encourages students to develop their own relationship with Christ through Catholic faith based teachings. We are by no means exclusive! Children of all faiths are welcome at our school.

▪ Active Healthy Lifestyle

Assumption School is focused on ensuring our students are kept active. We are pleased to have qualified PE teachers whose focus is to help the students adopt an active healthy lifestyle. The school also offers a great variety of sports both in PE classes and through extracurricular activities.

▪ Cultural Diversity

Our school, much like our society, is made up of people from all corners of the globe. This culturally rich environment is great for broadening horizons and learning about the world through each other! It’s also great for our international students who get to learn English and also learn about first nations culture through the neighboring community of Tla’amin in whose territory we all reside.

▪ Calm and Focused Classrooms

Assumption School embraces an environment where all students are actively involved and challenged appropriately. Our teachers work hard to accommodate and adapt curricular material to encourage the inclusion and engagement of every student in our school community.

▪ Special Education

Many parents choose Assumption because the school offers a wide range of therapeutic and personalized programs to special needs students. We strive to integrate personalized recommendations into our every-day classroom settings in order to provide a rich, inclusive learning environment for all students.

▪ Preschool and After School Care

Assumption also offers Preschool and After School Care for all children in Powell River. Both provide opportunities for social development and lots of play time!