Catholic Faith

Our Catholic Faith is the reason this school exists. We continue to bring forward Catholic traditions but consider ourselves to be a very progressive school.

The Catholic faith has been around for a very long time, around 2000 years now! The mission of the church is to bring the message of Christ to all the ends of the earth. The core themes of Christ’s teachings are all centered around love, forgiveness and compassion. The church is here to bring people together and to help people lead more enriching lives by fostering that connection with God.

All students are required to participate in the religion programs in their classes, however we are not trying to convert the non-Catholic! All we ask is that non-Catholic students be respectful of our beliefs. They will learn about Catholicism, as they share their own spiritual journey with us.

We are proud to be a Catholic school in every sense possible!

You can find out more about our Christian Education curriculum by clicking here.