Student Information


Parents should make a sincere effort to ensure that their children are on time for school in the morning and that they attend regularly to avoid interruption of teaching programmes. If you are running late, please stop by the office for a ‘late slip’ before heading to class.


In the event that your child will not be attending school for the day, please call or email the office between 8:30 and 9:05 am on the day of absence. If the school is not notified, the secretary will begin calling the homes of students not at school to ensure the safety of the children, co-operation of parents is appreciated.

When a child has been unable to attend school, upon returning he or she must submit a written note to the teacher advising the school of the reason of their absence.

The Ministry of Education requires notes. When the school is audited we are penalized for absent days over a threshold amount as well as days not supported by a note.

The same rules apply for children that are sick, or on holidays, Parents need to notify the school and then provide a signed note when the child returns.


School starts at 8:55 am
Recess: 10:30 am (15mins)
Lunch: 12:25 pm (45mins)
Dismissal at 3:05 pm

NOTE: Early dismissal (2:05 pm), first Tuesday of ever month.

Assumption School Uniforms are a requirement for Students. Uniforms should be purchased prior to the start of each school year. We have a uniform room that is open twice per month (or by appointment) as posted in the monthly calendar. Each student is required to wear their uniform every day and the pullover sweater is mandatory for Friday Mass.

Assumption School has adopted a school uniform for a number of reasons:

  • Children will have a neat, tidy, and uniform appearance
  • All children will be equal, regardless of family income
  • It helps to minimize one aspect of peer pressure (the way we look and dress) and enhances our commitment to the formation and growth of the child.

Please label all clothing clearly with your child’s name.


Kindergarten to Grade 3:

  • Tunic; optional in grade 3

Grade 4-7:

  • Plaid kilt
  • White Peter Pan blouse – embroidered
  • Navy V-neck sweater
  • Navy knee high socks or navy tights
  • Walking shorts (optional) – white ankle socks to be worn with shorts

Grade 8-9:

  • Navy skirt and/or navy pants
  • ¾ sleeve white shirt and/or fitted golf shirt


  • Navy pants
  • Burgundy polo shirt – embroidered
  • Navy socks
  • Walking shorts (optional) – white ankle socks to be worn with shorts


Uniforms can be ordered online at Cambridge Uniforms (code POW331), by email: [email protected], or via telephone: 1 800 924 9069.